Halloween Decor 1-Chelsea Market

Half more month to prepare for the coming of Halloween. Chelsea Market’s annual Halloween Decro has up. Some people have mentioned that it is inappropriate to have such scary decor set up in the public. I would admit that the decorations in Chelsea Market is more than horrifying. Since I am always the one that afraid of hunting house and ghost stories, I might have had night mares after seeing them if I were a child.

However, it’s Halloween, the time for people to learn to be brave. Parents and kids should enjoy their time and somehow get educated by these decor.

In Asia (at least in Taiwan), we don’t celebrate Halloween like Western do. Even though there are Halloween parties and hunting houses, we don’t have chance to get involved with these kind of scary envrionments if we refuse to do it. Yet, I consider people ought to learn all kinds of emotions naturally or artificially.

Some cute skeletons having fun with their band.


Two decorations above are the most scary one. Somehow, they look real..

Last but not least, zombie babies with zombie family are scary as well.

[Event Info]

[Place Info]

  • Chelsea Market
  • Mon-Sat 7am to 9pm
  • Sun 8am-8pm
  • 75 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10011

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