Archived this from my Oct 19, 2016 post on Tumblr.


Went to this adorable coffee shop for breakfast with Maggie yesterday.

When we stepped into the place, the owner, Hugo, friendly showed us his smile and introduced himself and his partner to us. While enjoying our moments there, we found out he knows a lot of his neighbors and customers. (Great job with that! I rarely see a coffee shop that’ s close to its customer!)

Themed with dusky green, blush/ light coral pink and gold ( I’ll call it (new/ glory) light vintage style 😛 ) , the cafe has made Instagram-dream come true. The store is not huge but the well-design interior has made the store full of homey feeling that I wouldn’t want to leave. Even the wallpaper (pineapple!!!)  and mirror in the restroom were picked to fit the entire brand.

Last but not least, the pastry at this place is led by Michelin-starred pastry chef, Ryan Butler. I was hoping to get lemon tart that morning, but apparently, I would have to wait until the afternoon to try a bite of that. Alternatively, I got the Savory Ham Muffin, topping with local ham and black mission figs. The well-balanced of saltiness and sweetness just brought the right chemistry to my mouth. 😛 (Btw, they bake all the pastries in front of customers, which truly made me desire to try any of them)

I’m sure if I have a chance, I’ll be back there soon!




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