Williamsburg Bridge

Archived this from my  Oct 14, 2016 post on Tumblr.


Lower Manhattan of New York has B-M-W bridges from bottom to top. Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Williamsburg Bridge.

I went for a walk on Williamsburg Bridge last week with Maggie. The pinky-color paint of the bridge truly made my day. Besides, with all kinds of graffiti, I had found myself enjoy discovering people’s creativities on the bridge.

Apart from Brooklyn Bridge, this bridge has less tourists and has been organized well for both bike and walk to commute. In another word, when you are on the bridge, you won’t need to worry about being hit by a bike. 😛 But But, you can absolutely feel the ground is shaking on the bridge due to running subways ( J & M lines) and various vehicles.

Williamsburg Bridge connects Lower East Side and Williamsburg (the area around The Bagel Storeand Peter Luger Steakhouse, if you wonder) No matter where you end up being either side of the bridge, you surly can find a lovely coffee shop or stores to visit after a long walk. 🙂

+ Our tips:  We started from Brooklyn side, end up in Lower East Side.We celebrated our achievement of this discovery by visiting Cha Cha Matcha there 😛

Now, pick a beautiful day and visit Williamsburg bridge! and Enjoy! 🙂



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