Filtered. Coffee Shop. Bronx

Archived this from my Nov 04, 2016 post on Tumblr.

Found this lovely coffee shop on Instagram the otehr day, and made my visit there yesterday. The natural lighting, free wifi, vintage style decoration with a lot of plants make this place a comfy corner to chill and work. Besides, using the vintage style art charts on tables and wall decorations has led the coffee shop more artsy. Walking toward the coffee shop, it is not hard to recognize the place by its white building and neon lights decor out looking. The mixture of comtemporary and vintage atmosphere bounce out a fun balance. It was quiet and not much traffic on Thursday afternoon when I visited it.

Filtered Coffee Shop has two locations. One in Harlem (West Side- close to City College) and one (the one I went) in South Bronx (East Side). Although it is only 5 mins walk from the 6 train station, I would recommend this place more to people who are close to/ in Bronx or who drive. Due to some train issues, it took me more than an hour and half to travel back to Soho form 3Ave 138th St Station. 😦




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