Victoria’s Secret- A Retrospective

Archived this from my  Nov 15, 2016 post on Tumblr.

While it’s almost time for the annual VS show, there is a place for everyone to visit and get a piece of vibes of the astonnishing and exciting show.  On the third floor of the newly opened VS on the Fifth Ave, New York, VS created a exhibition that not only invites shoppers to learn about the design concepts of each theme but also shows the process of the creating the dream show. Besides, therer is a quick photo studio for visitors to try to be an angel. And, yes! That’s free. ((I tried, but I was totally not that kind of angel. 😛 )) Moreover, you can also get the free VS poster while visitng the exhibition.

This year the show will be on Dec. 5th. We can watch the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air on CBS on Dec. 5 at 10/9 central. Now, let’s wait for the day! Stay tuned! 😛

What’s more, this year, there are 6 episodes about Making 2016 VS Fashion Show. Each video is about 5 to 6 minutes.



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