Cafe à la mode – Cafe in Taipei

Traveled to Taipei the other day, and found this minimalism cafe around Zhungshan Station. Instead of how it looks like from outside, there are quite a lot of space in the cafe. Also, with the white painted on walls and decores of china, it is quite comfy to stay in the space. Coffee, tea, italian food (pasta & rissoto)

In english and french, à la mode means a. fashionable b. (pie) topped with ice cream.  Therefore, the dessert we ordered also came with a scoop of ice cream on the side. Althought the french toast tastes good (crispy and soft at the same time), it’s still a bit pity that this french toast is the only kind of dessert they offer there. ((This is something a little bit different from typical cafe/ brunch place in New York. I was so used to see pancakes and waffels in every cafe in New York, and now when I’m in New York, I would have to go to some cafes that have specialty in waffels to enjoy it. 🤐🤐🤐))

One more strange thing I discovered on this trip is that dry flowers seems like a big thing in Taipei these days. Not only I found them in department stores and at small stores on streets, but I saw them in almost every cafe and shops in Taipei. They smell good and looks adorable, but it is interested to see the trend here.



One nice thing about restroms in Taiwan is that they oftenly prepare stuff for ladies when some emergency happens. 😛

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