La Grotta – Taipei

((Different from life in New York, I found it difficult to get wifi everywhere in Taiwan. Whenever it comes to time that I want to do some research on phone or when I need to use my computer and iPad, I have to find a cafe that has free wifi and doesn’t care how long its customer sits there. 🙊🙊))

So I ended up being in this lovely cafe, La Grotta, in Taipei closed to Ximen station. In Italian, grotta means a little cave. Minimalist as it is, the cafe is only simply decorated with wood furniture and dry flowers. (Yes. As I said in the last blog, dry flower is something on trend here in Taiwan now. 😛 ) Also, one thing that caught my eyes was that all the menus in this cafe are all hand written and drawn. Since the interior of the cafe is quite plain, it is very comfy and easy for people like me to get focus. I didn’t even realized when nightfall came.

I was still so full from lunch when I arrived so I didn’t tried, but the barista kept telling us how good the dolces are. Maybe I’ll try it next time. 😛


After being back in Taiwan for about three weeks, I also found that a cup of coffee is quiet expensive. Let’s say while a cup of latte in New York is about $4.5 (US Dollar), it is usually over $5.0 (US Dollar) in Taiwan. Besides, in New York, you can just order one of anything you want from store if you are looking for a seat in a cafe. For instance, you just want to have a bite of sweet, you still can get a seat in a coffee shop. In Taiwan, a cup of drink is required in most of the coffee shops.

Although, sometimes I have no choice, I would still keep going attending cafes. I sort of started to avoid going to a cafe too often when I’m in Taiwan. It’s a bit pity to miss this habit of mine. 😕😕😕



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