Fendi- Instagram Story

These days, brands, internet influencers, bloggers, and people are always brainstorming how to make their snapchat and Instagram stories pop to audience eyes.

Two days ago, I was watching all the stories on Instagram as usual, and found this Fendi campaign interesting. It’s very simple, but at the same time it’s quite unique from others. As we all know, no matter where we tap on the Instagram story page, it will go on to the next photo or video. However, Fendi took this as an advantage and took it to the next level. Why I consider it different? Because the call-to-action “TAP HERE” makes me really follow the instuction and focus on what will happen next.

In this campaign, they just wanted to show their audience the fluffy Fendi Bag CharmPower Bank Fendi Witches. Since they used this methods, I actually slowed down my tapping and checked what it is. Maybe there are some other brands and firms who also did this kind of stories, but coincidentally I saw this and really liked what they did there.

Fendi’s Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/fendi/

Let’s review some Fendi’s Bag Charm- Bag Bugs videos (fun videos! It’s very creative :

  • 2013, when Bag Bugs were introduced.
  • 2014, Bag Bugs Ad.
  • 2015, ABCharms.



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