Chanel Spring Summer 2017

These days (days after I left New York :0 ), it has been so difficult for me to find a great window display or a right-to-the-point window in Taiwan. Different from New York, a lot of fashion houses are in department stores instead out a proper retail store. The fact is that there are not many windows to enjoy here. Sometimes, even though there is a window, some brands just don’t take it seriously.

Walking in the shopping area in Taipei last week, this window completely caught my attention. When I saw this window display, I was so excited. Chanel has brought their Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear show to their retails and their windows! The background of the show is set up in the windows. With the 2017 spring summer fashion trend colors, yellow and hot pink, the window is also coordinated with black, navy and white, which leads to the theme of technology.  The only I thought quite weird but interesting is that… the hair style of the mannequin was not shown in the show…😂

Btw, when I visited Ginza, Tokyo last weekend, they had the exact same theme at their Chanel’s retail store’s window. Good job on international marketing management, Chanel!

Review the show with me first here 🙂 👇👇👇

“This is technology. But with the lingerie, it’s intimate technology!”  described the Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear show by Karl Lagerfeld.

(( Somehow, I kept thinking about last year’s fashion exhibition at the Met, Manus x Machina – Fashion in an Age of Technology, when the first style started the show. The classic Chanel suit and the one made by 3D printing just keep showing up in my head.🤔))


Really love how that layer thing happens on the skirt.


One of the SS trend colors, yellow with that lace layer of on the jean skirt.


They also had a small window for shoes collection. 😍😍😍





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