Chanel Coco Café. Taipei.

Visited Chanel’s Coco Café, a pop-up cafe, last weekend. Although, it is called as a cafe, it is actually a pop-up beauty shop where it also provides free coffee(and lots of Instagram worthy decorations). While, there are Chanel’s beauty stores all over Taipei, I haven’t had chance to really step into a store before. I only got close to Chanel’s beauty product when I was in Sephora, Bloomingdales and Macy’s, or a duty free at airports. Therefore, I consider it a brilliant idea to bring footprints to the brand, the store and to the products. 🙂 

It is said that the concept of the event is that Chanel beauty  wants to meet/make new friends by offering a cup of free coffee to everyone who visits the store. This is not just a or event for a new gloss they are introducing in August but a publicity for Chanel beauty. Besides, you are welcome to  make the reservation online to have a professional makeup artist there to help you figure out which Chanel beauty product is the right color and cosmetic for you. Also, if you didn’t make the reservation, you can still easily try out the products by yourself. I found out a lot of people stepped out the café with a bag of Chanel paper bag (which means they shopped after the visit!) 

Coco Café was a bit different from the style I had imaged. I pictured it as a French style Café, which may be more classic Chanel-ish black and white style, which may look more like a Agnes b. Cafe. However, it was youthful, bright and colorful. It was still fun to visit it and see how a high-end beauty brand trys to be opened and to take public’s attention here. 

The Chanel Coco Café in Taipei is hold from June 16th to July 16th, 2017. Check out more information here: Coco Café 


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