Lady Dior As Seen By

Went to visit Lady Dior As Seen By, a traveling exhibition, on the fourth floor of Taipei 101 last weekend. To celebrate Dior’s 70th anniversary, the brand has brought the exhibition to Taipei. It is held from Jun 22nd to Aug 18th, and it’s free for everyone to visit.

Lady Dior As Seen By is an exhibition that collaborates with international photographers and artists to deliver their vision of the iconic Dior bag, Lady Dior bag. Since 2011, the exhibition has been held in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Milan, Seoul, São Paulo and Düsseldorf. This summer, there are three new art pieces done by Taiwanese artists (SHAO TING-KUEI, LIU CHIH-HUNG, and that joined the show. Visitors are able to see the characteristics of the artists’ backgrounds and the specialties through each piece. For instance, through the artwork that is done by an artist from Hong Kong, we can see the vision of that city, and through another artwork that’s done by a movie producer, we can find movie elements through the piece of photography.

It was very beautiful and interesting for everyone to visit. No matter you are in fashion or not, you can find something interesting to learn about through the exhibition.

Check more details about Lady Dior As Seen By:


Lady Bird by 甘志強, an artist from Hong Kong.
Nothing Like a Real Thing by Roxanne Lowit. One of Favourite Artwork at the show.


Know more about Lady Dior As Seen By in Taipei:

Lastly, check out how the beautiful beautiful is made:

and of course, the latest RTW 2017-2018 Campaign:

and Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2017/2018 show:






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